My thoughts to your thoughts...


I'm like many of you: a writer in search of readers who might enjoy my work.

I've been writing fiction since I knew how to form letters, but only recently have I begun making an effort to see my work in print. Words don't just magically find eyes. The world of publishing is like a complex machine - many machines, in fact, connected through convoluted tubes and employing perverse tools against themselves, repairing, destroying, modifying, adapting. I need to understand that apparatus. And that's just the beginning of a long process that will demand perseverance, humility, and a touch of dumb idealism. 

Join me on the vagaries of that trip and I promise I'll share everything valuable I learn along the way. 

Content thus far:

Recommended podcasts for writers: I follow a handful of podcasts that address both the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

Writers groups: Why connecting with other writers is a great first step.