Many thousand words and a book deal from now

I don't (yet) have a complete (marketable) book manuscript yet, but I already know that Dominik Mayer would be on the short list of people I'd beg a publisher to hire for the cover. Hell, I'd write a book just based on some of his illustrations. The intensity and lushness of his images is evocative of gaming and film cinematography. 

PS - When I first wrote this entry, I typed that Dominik is one of the people "I'd bed a publisher to hire for the cover." Still accurate. 

Virtual Reality + Creativity = X

When I was at Clarion West I got to play with a VR headset for the first time. I wasn't surprised by how immersive the experience was, but perhaps a bit impressed at how quickly the brain transfers itself into an artificial setting. What seemed clear was that designers are still figuring out how to harness the medium. It was cool, but in a "let's throw some crazy stuff out there and see how people react" kind of way. It's very exciting to be present for the moment of creation for an entirely new artistic medium.

I loved the comment in this video: "I'm sad to think people will get used to it."

Under the hill

The large Buddha statue at Makomanai Cemetery sits in a well-like depression within a lavender covered hill, only the tip of its head visible from the surrounding landscape. Approach to the statue's base forces the pedestrian to divert around a rectangular reflecting pool and pass through a tunnel under the hillside. I feel like this is a physical representation of the actions demanded by a beautiful story.