Hayley Campbell doesn't care how your National Novel Writing Month (NoNoWriMo) is going. In fact, he would go so far as to say no one cares how your F***ing novel is going

People will link to time-saving apps and spread the work about distraction-killing apps because while you are a person signing up to write a novel, clearly the last thing you want to do is actually write a novel. People will blog about the loneliness of being a writer, having been one now for three whole days. 

I don't often dig snarky stuff like this; I have a hard time understanding why we should discourage anyone from attempting to write a book. People use this exercise to discover something exciting in themselves, and find community among other would-be novelists. Who cares if the products aren't all literary quality? I play the banjo badly - should I stop playing the banjo, or cease talking about my appreciation of the instrument, unless I can prove myself to be an expert?

But this line made me crack up:

[People] will talk about how they made themselves cry with a scene they just wrote, how they broke their own dumb heart. 

‚Ķbecause I totally did this once. I really empathized with that sad robot.