Laaaaa lala lalala laa laa...

If you've ever spent a few delightful, entrancing hours playing the video game Katamari Damacy - and I hope you have, because it is the most wonderful experience - you may easily, happily lose yourself in the rabbit hole that is this amazing MetaFilter Post, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the game. 

Katamari Damacy is a quirky game in which you roll an adhesive ball - your katamari - around various landscapes, adding to the size of the rolling mass as you pick up more objects. At first, you are not much bigger than a paperclip, and only capable of picking up very small items around you. As the ball grows, the scale of the game expands outward, and objects that once towered over you become more fodder for your ever-growing katamari. By the end of the game, you're plowing through the landscape grabbing up ships and large buildings, your katamari rising above the clouds. All this frenzy is accompanied by a quirky, poppy soundtrack, and a strange back story that's like something from a dream you can't remember very well. 

In addition to being an insanely addictive game, Katamari was a brilliant piece of design; the most fun artwork I've ever played. The game developer has discussed how he saw the whole project as a metaphor for consumerism, in which our unhappiness compels us to gather more and more objects to ourselves. He found playing the game immensely sad.