Recursion revisited

I was just running along, listening to one of my current favorite pieces of pop motivation, Boom Clap, when I realized it held a little easter egg. Listen to the underlying rhythm of the tune. It's the titular boom followed by the titular (electronic ) clap. So the song is in some way about itself, or its rhythmic skeleton is mirroring the lovestruck heart-thumping described in the lyrics. It's not necessarily the kind of recursion I posted about previously, but a neat bit of self-referentiality.

Or maybe everyone else caught that and I was just a bit slow on the draw. This video with superimposed lyrics makes it plaintively obvious. 

What's the name of the moment when you suddenly gain a weird flash of perception into something that was previously hidden in plain sight?  You go from looking to seeing, and what  becomes visible can never again be unseen. I wouldn't call it an epiphany, because I tend to associate that term with moments of personal insight. But it often has the same sense of muted awe. Fiction often tries to elicit that sensation - that moment of "ah, of COURSE!" when the flickering background play of foreshadowing suddenly becomes three-dimensional.