The Once-Great Middle Class

If you have some time and the ability to stomach a distressing portrait of America's bleakly stratified future, you should read this article in the Washington Post: Why America's Middle Class is Lost. It almost appears as if a massive swindle is underway, right under our grindstone-flattened noses:

…[O]ver the past 25 years, the economy has grown 83 percent, after adjusting for inflation — and the typical family’s income hasn’t budged. In that time, corporate profits doubled as a share of the economy. Workers today produce nearly twice as many goods and services per hour on the job as they did in 1989, but as a group, they get less of the nation’s economic pie. In 81 percent of America’s counties, the median income is lower today than it was 15 years ago.

That doesn't just happen. It didn't slip under the radar of the elected leaders who are supposed to represent the interests of the people. This article is Part 1, and doesn't delve into the reasons for this incredible shift in wealth and power. More parts are coming.