Grow Up

A writer for Slate admonishes adult readers of Young Adult fiction that they should be embarrassed by their literary tastes. The ensuing discussion/brouhaha doesn't find overwhelming support for that position.

It's easy to dismiss the article as linkbait, an evolved form of ad-supported trolling. Nothing roils social media like recreational outrage, and people love a good pile-on. I doubt the author is that cynical, although she likely knew that framing her critique as a personal affront would engage people emotionally. 

There are some literary franchises I find so deeply flawed and horribly written that I can't even muster up the classic argument "at least they're reading!" It's not a phenomenon that's exclusively confined to YA literature; some of the most pandering gobbledygook is churned out for adults. 

Young adult is a marketing segment as much as an indication of the sophistication of the writing. I don't see the kind of dumbed-down pablum in the field that the writer does. Some YA literature is tackling tough issues and avoiding bowtied endings. Maybe it engages the audience's emotions along the way - the fierce, untempered emotions of youth. Bringing emotions in can cloud a discussion, as it is in this case, or clarify what we really care about.