First person sibling

That title doesn't really make any sense. It was supposed to be a pun off "first person shooter" but... anyway. Forget it.

Lately, my go-to entertainment when I take a short break has been the web show Co-optitude, in which geek media luminary Felicia Day and her brother Ryon play a different video game every episode. I would have thought that that watching people I don't know play games I've never heard of would be boring, but they have such great rapport that even the most monotonous games are fun to watch. Their enthusiasm for a good game is infectious, and when they hate on a bad game, the results are equally satisfying. 

Here's an example, in which they play a competitive jigsaw puzzler. If you're the impatient type, skip ahead to about 5:30, when Ryon begins tormenting his sister by using a series of power-ups that impede her progress. Warning - language is NSFW if it's inappropriate to say "cock-blocking" at your workplace.