We are still alone

Quick update on a previous news item: it looks like the fluctuations in radiation from star KIC 8462852 probably do not represent evidence of an alien megastructure like a Dyson Sphere. Astronomers listened intently to radiation from the star and detected nothing that would suggest the beehive of activity that would likely accompany such a massive undertaking. 

Once more, all is silent in the universe, and we are, as far as we can tell, the only grand experiment in sentience, the only ones who know the loneliness of the deep. Only we are interested in talking, and no one is there to answer. And we, in turn, murder each other and spoil the fragile skin of our homeworld in a brief squeal of electromagnetic static that is in imminent peril of falling silent once more, unremarked and unmourned in the great sweep of the galaxy's arm.