Stay Awake

I forgot to mention this about Star Wars. 

My sister and I went to see the first film (Episode 4) together as kids. We were pretty independent, in a way that isn't well tolerated these days. My mom was in law school, and we enjoyed a degree of self-determination due to her complete immersion in her studies. At age 10 and 7, we thought nothing of walking a mile or so down to a nearby shopping center to catch a movie. 

We convinced mom to take us back for a second viewing. To our mixed horror and amusement, she fell asleep halfway through the movie. We teased her endlessly about that, for years. The fact that she could slumber through the most exciting thing we'd seen in our young lives was our proof of her immunity to everything that was cool.

But of course, it wasn't proof of that at all. She was a single mother of two, taking care of her kids while balancing the punishing demands of law school. She didn't fall asleep during a loud space battle because she was uncool. She dozed off due to exhaustion. It was proof of her commitment and sacrifice. 

So when my entire family came to town for the holidays, we naturally took her to see The Force Awakens. She liked it (and remained awake for all of it). And I liked going with her, in these better (and better rested) days.