Snail Doughnuts

Not the culinary doughnut, but the kind you did in your mom's car in the snowy K-Mart parking lot (if you were me) or the front yard of the school (if you were… well, best to leave that in the past.) 

There a two things I love about this video:

  1. It really shows the mechanism by which Alliteration the Snail moves. He doesn't keep his entire foot on the table, but uses it the same way centipedes use their feet, keeping parts of his foot off the surface and using the points of contact to "row" himself forward. I never knew that was how snails moved.
  2. My wife is so entranced by him that she literally forgets she's eating breakfast. Given the time-compression ratio of the video, that bite of eggs actually hovers on her fork for almost a full minute.