I often wake up in the night grasping at a dream or an idea that might be worth developing into a story, or at least posting here. Knowing I'll forget the whole thing if I don't record my thoughts, I reach over to the bookshelf beside the bed and enter a few notes on my phone before going back to sleep.

Viewed under daylight, these entries seldom make much sense. I just looked at the file in which I record blog ideas. "Drowning," one reads cryptically, with no further explanation. I have no memory of what that was about. "Why computer animated characters have dead eyes," says another. A worthwhile question, but perhaps it will soon be a relic of the past

Another: "Restaurant that requires an effort to get to (hike, swim, in an inaccessible location) and how this improves the taste of food."

Okay, that one has me a little intrigued. Although I'm not sure if my intention, at 3 AM, was to research such restaurants or start one myself.