A Worm's Tale - part 2

[Read Part 1 to discover how I came to run a website called the Save the Guinea Worm Foundation.]

I can't explain why I thought this idea could be anything more than tasteless, mean-spirited, and grotesque. At the time, my intent was to parody right-wing paranoia of the UN and other international agencies, as well as hyper-conservative non-profits that tried to rationalize their craziness in the language of public health and public policy. 

There was no question in my mind that the Save the Guinea Worm Foundation was a bad joke that had run its course. It didn't survive the transition to a new website.

In the next few days, though, I noticed an odd thing. A significant number of clicks into the site were people attempting to access the old Guinea Worm page. They were coming from websites for educators. It turns out that the Save the Guinea Worm Foundation was widely used as a lesson for students in differentiating between "real" websites and misinformation online. 

So, I held my nose and put together a new version. I streamlined it substantially, and it still felt kind of gross, but the site has probably done more good than I ever imagined or intended.