Oh what a feeling when we're

Seventeen years before Kubrick rotated a set to simulate a zero-gee walk in 2001: A Space Odyssey (and decades before Christopher Nolan's monstrous rotating corridor achieved the effect in Inception), Fred Astaire blew audience's minds by dancing up walls and on to the ceiling. Animator Galen Fott created a tweaked view of the scene that allows us to see how it worked. 

Astaire sets up the effect with a magician's flair: he performs a few dance moves that almost appear to defy gravity before the room ever rotates. They both foreshadow the effect and desensitize us to it, so when he suddenly transitions to dancing the wall, it's an even more magical moment. 

It's also worth reading Fott's description of how he created this view, and his insights into some of the key moments, when you realize just how much effort went into creating this dance number.