Internet time capsules

A piece on NPR about Bob Dole's campaign website, which has been running into the wind like a ghost ship since 1996, made me curious about other instances of untouched web time capsules from the past. 

The iconic example is Space Jam, created to promote the 1996 Loony Tunes/Michael Jordan crossover film, but there's also the promo site for You've Got Mail (1998). 

CNN's site for coverage of the OJ Simpson trial gives a freeze-frame of a cultural moment from 1996.

Cherished (1999), a site that exists for no other purpose than to promote itself, is probably the high water mark of Flash on the web.  

But if you want to know what the web was like in the mid-90's, kids, go no further than Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches ("Last Updated: 2G August 1994") which captures a sense of the exuberance we all felt when, for the first time, we could instantly share our experiences starting kitchen fires for science with the whole wired world. [EDIT: It has been suggested that this site is not orphaned, but merely maintained in its original format.]