Don't think about it

BadMatty, the world-traveling BMX biker who occasionally works as a plumber to raise money for his next trip, clued me into the animated show Rick and Morty, which was co-created by Dan Harmon, the man behind (most of) the show Community. Rick Sanchez is a mad scientist who travels through other dimensions with his dim grandson, Morty. Naturally, every episode is replete with pop-culture and sci-fi references.

The show is terribly funny and yet often a little troubling, as its characters explore infinite realities in which other Ricks and Mortys live out a variety of alternative fates. At one point, after destroying their own world by mutating every human being into a gibbering monster, they slip into another timeline in which their counterparts have just blown themselves up, burying their identical bodies before assuming their lives. The comedy gradually becomes the colorful coating around a much more sobering vision of humanity.