I don't mean to tell you what to do, but you must start reading Rachel Swirsky right now

I don't mean to infringe on your rights as a sentient agent in the collaborative quilt of our literary reality, but stop what you're doing and find something to read by Rachel Swirsky

Okay, that came across a little intense. It's just that I seldom have that feeling of reading something and thinking oh my goodness, this is what these words were waiting all this time to do.

If you want to tread in my path, start by reading Between Dragons and Their Wrath, co-authored by Swirsky and An Owomoyela, in Clarkesworld. It's a feverish dytopian fantasy future in which rampaging dragons are at once symbolic and literal agents of war and environmental destruction. Then pick up a copy of How the World Became Quiet, her book of short stories, which I'm partway through right now. Really wonderful work.