I've had about enough of this

I had a very strange dream last night. I know, I know - other people's dreams are never as compelling as the dreamer thinks they are, but bear with me. 

Someone I know in real life had hired two people to pretend to hijack a bus I was on, planning to video my reaction for laughs. (If you knew this person, you would understand that this is not the most implausible part of the dream.) Unaware of his plan, I was sitting on a bus when two men boarded, displaying knives and announcing that they were taking us hostage. 

At this point, my dream-self thought, "Screw this, I'm not interested in watching how all this plays out. I'll take my chances of getting stabbed now." I stood up, walked past one of the assailants, and stepped off the bus. I was afraid, but also incredibly angry.

The hijackers followed me off the bus and continued to threaten me. I turned and confronted them. "Go ahead!" I bellowed. "Do you think I give a shit?" 

This is not exactly a ringing affirmation of my will to live, but it was probably one of the more badass things I've done while asleep. Somewhere in my mind was the idea that my best chance of surviving was to behave in an unexpected way; that by forcing them to think, I was buying myself a little time to act. I doubt this is an effective strategy in a real hostage situation. 

The interesting part about this was that in my dream, I was unaware that the men were hired stooges. But of course, I must have been aware of it, because I was authoring the dream. Either 1) there were two parts of my mind working without full knowledge of each other, or 2) I was aware of the ruse, but not aware of my own knowledge.