Income for all (starting with one writer)

There's not a lot of time to act on this if this is the first you're hearing about it, but this story contest has a cool premise and a terrific first prize.

Into the Black is seeking stories based on the idea of a guaranteed basic income - funds provided unconditionally to each citizen to assure all people meet a decent standard of living. Basic income might have sounded like a pipe dream a few years ago (and will still sound like a "handout" to people who are comfortable with other people living in abject poverty) but is being discussed at increasing volumes by economists who wonder what the hell everyone is going to do for a living as automation replaces human workers. 

First prize gets you $12,000, approximately a forty times what a 5000 word story would bring at pro rates in a speculative fiction magazine. [Note: this is not a critique of fiction markets.] But the deadline is November 1, so get scribbling.