Hey writers

Hey writers, do you ever sweat over a story that you know is special, so much so that it flows almost of its own free will from you, an act of pure crazy inspiration, and when you're done you just let it cool for a while, almost afraid to mess with it, until it languishes a little too long and you know it's time to get it out into the world, but you first take another hard pass at it and suddenly inspiration strikes again and you write a new ending so amazing that even though you thought this story was the shit before, now you know it's THE SHIT and your beta readers give you all kinds of good insight to tune it up but mostly they say they love it, and now there's nothing left to mess with and you're just procrastinating before sending it to that major publishing outlet, where you know they're going to take one look at it before saying "holy shit, this is fucking amazing" and putting that sucker in the next issue, where it is basically a shoe-in for an Amazing Story of the Year nomination, only then you hear back from them and they say thanks but it's not what they're looking for right now? 

Me too!