Clarion West 2017

Tomorrow is my first day as a student in Clarion West, a program for writers of speculative fiction. This is something I've dreamed about doing since I attended World Fantasy 2015 and began to think seriously about how to lay the groundwork for a writing career. It's exciting, intimidating, and humbling, to name only a short list of the cacophony of feelings that I am experiencing on fast rotation. Spending six weeks far from home isn't easy. My fire department showed tremendous support, and my wife... well, I'm not at all certain how to begin to express my gratitude for her role in this. I'm sure she has some ideas in mind. 

I'm told there are many sleepless nights ahead, that this workshop is a profoundly deep dive into the rigors of writing, a transformative experience for many who attend. Do I feel ready? Doesn't matter now. 

I've been in fires and I've treated many a grievously injured patient, so you wouldn't think this could make me nervous. But you would be wrong.