New story: Redaction

My story Redaction now appears in Issue 11 of the magazine Compelling Science Fiction. You can read it online for free, or get the whole bundle of 7 total stories for kindle. Compelling's stories tend toward plausible near-future SF, which is becoming an increasingly wild sub-genre in these dystopian times. 

I wrote the first draft of Redaction a few years ago, and it is my only published work that draws on my professional experience as a paramedic. At the time, I wanted to honor the beginning writer's maxim write what you know. There is some truth to this advice, and some deception. Writing what you know is a good way to build on your available knowledge, but it also risks descent into minutia and "inside baseball" that bores readers and distracts from the real story. So, much of the work in revising Redaction involved stripping out all the bits that made the story more accurate (for me) and less readable (for everyone else). I hope you enjoy the result.