Food videos I love, 1

There are some terrific food videos coming out these days. Food magazines and lifestyle channels (barf) are really dialing it in with some great concepts for shows, with hosts who exude their enthusiasm for the art of making delicious things to eat.

Here’s one I love. Epicurious has a series in which a food expert tries to determine which of two products (spices, meats, knives, etc) is the more expensive version. I’m not a fan of price as a rubric for measuring quality, but the discussion of what makes one product pricier than the other yields up some cool insights into the differences between commercial production and artisanal methods.

Here’s one on a topic I enjoy, beer. I learned something very important recently from videos featuring beer expert Garrett Oliver. Until recently, I’d been drinking my beer directly from the bottle. Oliver points out that this seals off your nose from the beer, denying the olfactory experience. Now I drink from a glass. Game changer.