Get your red hot science fiction environments here!

How did I make it this far without knowing that there's a dwarf planet, Ceres, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter? 

Well, there is, and in June, NASA's Dawn spacecraft did a flyby (it will perform a total of four, with the final one bringing it the closest, in January). Ceres looks barren and cratered as the surface of the moon. But...

There were odd white areas in the bottoms of some craters, which scientists now believe harbor "bubbles of atmosphere" sublimating off into space. Based on its density, we know Ceres contains water. Most of it is in the form of ice, but beneath the surface there may be liquid water, and the possibility of life. 

So there you go, anyone who's looking for the next exotic environment in which to set your next sci-fi tale: a delicate bubble of atmosphere cradled within a crater on an otherwise barren planet. Oh, and Ceres was the goddess of agriculture. I'm sure you can do something cool with that.