Two more examples of recursion, a topic of recent (and recent) interest:


I'm not sure what's being signified here. Some sort of super-Christianity? 

That reminded me of the onetime trend of automotive stickers that featured Calvin (of the famed comic strip Calvin and Hobbes) peeing on whatever the driver happened to find odious, usually car brand insignias, sports logos, or the names of progressive politicians. I wonder what kind of existential pain that cartoonist Bill Watterson experienced when he first spied one of those in the wild. 

Well, the obvious protest sticker immediately came to mind: Calvin pissing on Calvin pissing on Calvin, etc.

Recursion revisited

I was just running along, listening to one of my current favorite pieces of pop motivation, Boom Clap, when I realized it held a little easter egg. Listen to the underlying rhythm of the tune. It's the titular boom followed by the titular (electronic ) clap. So the song is in some way about itself, or its rhythmic skeleton is mirroring the lovestruck heart-thumping described in the lyrics. It's not necessarily the kind of recursion I posted about previously, but a neat bit of self-referentiality.

Or maybe everyone else caught that and I was just a bit slow on the draw. This video with superimposed lyrics makes it plaintively obvious. 

What's the name of the moment when you suddenly gain a weird flash of perception into something that was previously hidden in plain sight?  You go from looking to seeing, and what  becomes visible can never again be unseen. I wouldn't call it an epiphany, because I tend to associate that term with moments of personal insight. But it often has the same sense of muted awe. Fiction often tries to elicit that sensation - that moment of "ah, of COURSE!" when the flickering background play of foreshadowing suddenly becomes three-dimensional. 


I can't seem to stop thinking about nested systems, like matryoshka dolls, and their cousin, recursion, which I see as nesting with a chance of looping. Examples:

  1. A list of list of lists
  2. A thought experiment about thought experiments - haven't located one yet, may have to make my own
  3. An island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island 
  4. Acronyms that include other acronyms
    FCAA = "Funders Concerned About A(quired) I(mmune) (D)eficiency (S)yndrome" [nesting]
    GNU = "GNU's Not Unix" [recursion]
  5. The Xzibit "Yo Dawg" meme - see below

Also, when you perform a google search for "recursion," it helpfully prompts you:

Did you mean: recursion