You Are Here

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You Are Here: Tales of Cryptographic Wonders is available in all sorts of electronic formats, and at $2.99, it's a bargain. For the moment, that money goes to the Humane Society of the United States. You get my story "The Shape of the World's Skin" (called "strangely satisfying" by the editor!) and 17 other works of speculative fiction. They run the gamut of genre from horror to science fiction to steampunk to fantasy, but all are inspired by or contain maps. 


I did a brief interview with Nilae White, the anthology's editor, which you can read here

Do you have a special place where you go to recharge your creative muse?
Then and now, the woods. Backpacking is a little like writing – there’s tremendous freedom in it, but it also demands a certain fussy obsessiveness.

And other such observations.

Real-time runners

I don't know if it's because I love to run or because I love new applications of mapping technology, but I'm mesmerized by this site, which allows you to view a sped-up rendering of all the athletes running the 2016 Berlin Marathon. As the race unfolds, the pack gradually spreads into a lopsided bell curve, with the most competitive runners outpacing the rest by a compelling distance, and a "long tail" of less fit runners stretching far behind the leading edge. The longer you go into the race, the more the curve appears to normalize around the average pace. 

Expect more mapping-related posts as we approach the release of You are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders, from SFFWorld. My story "The Shape of the World's Skin" appears alongside the work of 16 other science fiction and fantasy writers. 

Coming soon: Tales of Cartographic Wonders

I'm really, really excited about the forthcoming anthology You are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders, from SFFWorld. Yes, I'll admit that this is in part because my story "The Shape of the World's Skin" will appear in it. But I've been poking around the websites and catalogues of my fellow authors, and discovering I'm in the company of a lot of talent and some accomplished writers. This should be a very interesting collection.

You are Here has a tentative release date of November 12. Watch for it, or just keep watching here, because it's a pretty safe bet I'll continue to promote it.