Let's learn about: gated reverb and the drum sounds of the 80s (and today)

In times like these, I feel silly posting snippets about 80s music and the resurgence of its innovative drum sounds. There's such a need to stay in touch with shit that affects the material lives of so many people, but damnit, I learned some cool stuff from this video - stuff I'd been listening to for a long time without ever hearing - and maybe you will, too. 

I was the drum machine

Four-on-the-floor, a beat pattern that's widely used in electronic dance music, has its roots in disco. And drummer Earl Young invented it. 

Watching Young move effortlessly between beats that undergird some of the most popular music of the last 50 years reminded me of this piece from Song Exploder, in which John Roderick of The Long Winters describes watching virtuoso drummer Matt Chamberlain lay down an amazing series of drum tracks for his song "The Commander Thinks Aloud."