British sanitation engineers have coined a term for the enormous, agglutinated blobs of congealed cooking oil and non-degradable wet wipes that have begun to clog the sewers under London: fatbergs

Apparently, baby wipes for adults have become quite popular, and despite being labelled "flushable," they're made out of the same indestructible material as airplane black boxes and Donald Trump's contract with the devil. They form the platelets in a massive clotting cascade of lipids that have blocked sewer pipes with tumorous masses larger than a city bus. 

I wish I'd thought up fatbergs for a story. A fatberg would make a terrific metaphor, if it weren't an actual, mucilaginous symbol for the occlusion of our own coronary arteries.

I went looking for some video of fatbergs, and I found them. You can too, if you really really want to. Some things can't be unseen.

(What things can be unseen?)