In all kinds of weather, an excellent sea boat

Any time I think my hobbies are cool or that I'm good at them, I think about my octogenarian stepfather, who is currently building a scale model of the HMS Beagle from scratch, which when completed he will be able to sail by remote control. I can't verify this claim, but I feel it's likely no one has ever done this before.

The Beagle, of course is most famous for carrying Charles Darwin, who during his circumnavigation of the globe performed much of the research that would later lead him to postulate the theory of evolution via natural selection. (A yet more detailed account is here.) 

My stepfather's reconstruction will include all seven of the ship's longboats, three of which are shown here in various stages of completion. He has not yet laid the keel of the Beagle itself. He believes the project will take at least a year.