Sea Prayer

A beautiful 360-degree video commemorating the life of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean as his family fled violence. Words by Khaled Hosseini, visuals by VR artist Liz Edwards and a team from The Guardian newspaper using the VR drawing tool TiltBrush. Music by Sahba Aminikia, played by Chronos Quartet.

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Let's learn about: gated reverb and the drum sounds of the 80s (and today)

In times like these, I feel silly posting snippets about 80s music and the resurgence of its innovative drum sounds. There's such a need to stay in touch with shit that affects the material lives of so many people, but damnit, I learned some cool stuff from this video - stuff I'd been listening to for a long time without ever hearing - and maybe you will, too. 

Wheels in the skyline

Here's some utopian city planning/worldbuilding worthy of a science fiction novel. This proposed city is built on rotating concentric rings. Need to go to work? Just wait a few minutes and it rotates closer to you. 

Anyone who has lived in a city with a complex web of public transit immediately recognizes the level of geekery that can be applied to travel plans and routes between multiple rings. The fastest route to a location three rings away might include momentary backtracking into previous rings, in finely-timed forward and backward maneuvers. Of these minutia are entire plots assembled.