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Except things to be a little slow around here while I'm attending the Clarion West writers' workshop, which is fucking amazing. I've run out of reserve posts and have no time to graze for more, or to write anything but stories for the workshop. 

Look for me when I'm done in early August. In the meantime, if you're an aspiring writer and ever have the opportunity to be part of a workshop with serious writers and accomplished teachers, take it. I'll do a comprehensive recap of Clarion West some time after I return, but the interim report is that it's worth everything it took to get here.

Osmosis makes some of the best medical tutorials I've seen

Osmosis is producing medical tutorials of consistently excellent quality. They start out explaining concepts in understandable layman's terms, but go on to delve into topics at a level more appropriate for college or graduate study. This makes them particularly useful if you're somewhat knowledgeable about a topic, but want to review and build on what you already know. 

This video on opioid addiction is a concise introduction to the subject that doesn't get terribly technical. Videos on more specialized topics, such as cardiac dysrhythmias, are far more detailed and complex.

A list of things I unreasonably hate

I offer no justifications and I recognize that in many cases my choices are irrational, but there are a few things I dislike beyond the scope of my ability to explain.

1) Spilt foyer houses (in which the front door opens on to a landing with half-staircases going up and down). I admit this predisposition is shaped by my work, because this is a house in which no matter where find a patient, you're going to have to carry them either up- or downstairs.

2) Municipal buses that are designed to look like trolleys

3) Candles that smell like food

4) Fruit in salads



A reading club consisting of five girls

This is a nice collection of short videos from creative filmmakers, but Danny Jelinek's piece (starting at 3:00) is particularly good. The more I watch it, the more I love it.

I reached the end of my coding abilities trying to program Vimeo to load this up at 3:00 without auto-playing it. So you'll have to do it like your grandparents did and manually jump to the start time.

The audition

We all have something we find gut-wrenchingly hilarious, so inarguably funny that we're compelled to share it with with others. Often, we found ourselves terribly disappointed when reminded of the subjectivity of humor. So you'll forgive me if I tell you that this video, ostensibly an audition tape for the band M83, still reduces me to tears over five years and many replays since I first saw it. 

Warning: If you're a fan of M83 (as I am) and like the song "Midnight City," (as I did) this video will utterly and irrevocably damage your ability to take this song seriously.