Hold the children

Google organizes all sorts of public data in formats designed to be useful to nonprofits and others. Consider this playable time lapse of the interrelationship between fertility rate (average births per woman) and lifespan. I once worked in reproductive health, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, and this correlation (note: not causation) was widely known among people in the field. But I never had the resources to illustrate so clearly how countries move along this continuum. 

Degree of separation challenge

Google has just released a panoply of tools/experiments in machine learning and AI, along with source code to allow people who are so inclined to tinker under the hood. 

Degrees of Separation allows you to select two artworks from Google's image bank and allow the system to seek visual connections that connect them. The path between two works by Georgia O'Keeffe passes through centuries and cultures.